Tough Love | Breaking Down Barriers ​

February is that great time of year when there is so much extra talk about love and so it only seems fitting to share with you this month a story about love, but not the kind you may expect.

The work of the Care Managers at Christian HELP often involves tough love. It can be hard to tell someone about the barriers they have in their life to employment and what it will take to overcome them. It is hard to hold someone to a plan and require participation on their part, but that is what Care Managers do every day at Christian HELP. Accountability for the client is not always welcome, but it is actually one of the ways we love job seekers.

Case and point – a Care Manager visits with an unemployed, middle-age woman recently and speaks sincerely and truthfully with her about her efforts in seeking a job. The conversation is not appreciated and the client gets up and walks out. These are difficult moments in the everyday work of helping people, but there is more to the story…

Some time later, that same Care Manager comes face-to-face with that same client at one of our Job Fairs. And to our surprise, the client approaches the Care Manager, offers up a hug and apologizes. She asks for forgiveness for her behavior and goes on to share how she thought about what the Care Manager said and put it into practice. Upon doing so, she got a part-time job and was now at the job fair looking for another one. She attributed this as possible because of what the Care Manager had shared with her before. Needless to say, the Care Manager was thrilled at the outcome of this story. They want people to find employment – that’s the simple goal, but it can be hard to help, but when it works out – it’s all worth it.

Bonnie: At Just the Right Time


Christmas is coming and so is the Christmas toy store through Christian HELP. Here is one client’s experience from last year.

Bonnie (not her real name) arrived for her scheduled appointment time to shop for her children. She was an unemployed mom partnering with Christian HELP to find work and this was the day that was set for her to shop in the “mock store” we had set up. Full of decorations, “Elf” shopping assistants, Christmas music and cookies, as well as an abundance of toys… we were ready for her. This is a day we love. Job seekers arrive, not knowing what to expect. All they know is they’ve been invited to let us provide Christmas for their children as they go through the struggle of unemployment or underemployment.

Most of our meetings with Bonnie have been in the office and have surrounded the topic of her job search and equipping her accordingly, but not today. Today, is a gift to her. Christmas is coming and we want her to enjoy the experience of shopping for her son.


Bonnie is warmly greeted and feels no shame or condemnation or labels. She is another mom shopping for her child at Christmas time, if only for a couple hours. She is told about the love of Jesus, the value He sees in her and how He is the ultimate gift. She begins to shop at the first table she sees, picking up this and that and a few other trinkets for her son. She is happy and grateful and begins to leave until someone stops her and whispers, “You’re not done. There’s more”. She is taken to another area where she sees rows and rows of toys for her choosing. Tears run down her face and she is overwhelmed. She shops, her arms laden with gifts for her son.


     When you give to Christian HELP in the month of December, this is what your money supports. You are providing employment assistance, food, Christmas gifts, hope, encouragement and incredible dignity to hundreds of “Bonnie’s” every month. Would you help us help others and make Christmas special for their families during this Season of Giving?

Thank you and may God bless you for giving to help others.

To give please go to 

A Day in the Life of Christian HELP



The doors to Christian HELP are open. The line outside has been forming since 9:15am.  Men, women and children fill the waiting room. The atmosphere is one of excitement and anticipation.
The phone rings, it is a client from the week before telling us she just found a job thanks to the job search coaching and leads she received at Christian HELP.  The bell is rung and the entire staff joins in the celebration that one more life is being transformed.
Ann, one of our Care Managers, will be busy all day, counseling, praying and providing support to job seekers.   Clients will receive one-on-one attention, as well enough food to feed their families.


The day isn’t over for Ann. She starts making calls to check in on clients from the previous week.  She celebrates with the ones who have found a job and provides hope and sets follow up appointments for those who are still looking.



It’s time to call it a day! The food pantry is cleaned and ready to receive the follow morning’s shipment of milk, eggs, meat, etc. The day has ended much like the 8,760 previous days that Christian HELP has served the community.  People being served, lives being changed.

Will You Join Us?

Will you support the work to help others get back to work? Right now we are in our biggest fundraising campaign of the year, Harvest of Hope. All donations received by November 15th for our Campaign will be doubled. Will you help us help twice as many people have their lives changed? Send your donation now and thank you in advance for helping to transform lives – right here in Central Florida.


Susan’s Letter

     I have wanted to write you in recent weeks to tell of my success securing a position! While the first several weeks were very challenging, I stayed the course. Providing therapy to children with autism and special needs sustained me.

     I want to tell you they have named me as Supervisor of the program which provides a specific therapy for children with autism. I can’t thank you enough for your Christian HELP! Literally and metaphorically.  You were the cup of water I needed in the desert. I am certain you continue to provide that help, direction, compassion and prayer to all.

When You Want to Propose But…

     When he came to us in June, Adam* was out of full-time work for four years. He was picking up a few consulting jobs but it was not the same as full-time employment. Well educated and experience in IT, Adam was now depressed, lacking self-confidence and worn out from trying. For three years, he wanted to propose marriage to his girlfriend, but without a job, he wouldn’t do it. Through our services, Adam had access to open positions, the training he needed to find work and the transforming support of staff and volunteers who believed in him. By mid-August, he was working full time.
     Last night I was offered the position as an IT Support Technician and I gracefully accepted it. I am so happy I’m finally going back to work!!! I want to Thank God for this Blessing!!! because without him this would have never happened and I never would have found your organization. You showed me the proper way to get a job and provided encouragement, prayer and support, instilling the confidence I needed to get this position. You believed in me when I had nearly given up on myself.


*Name has been changed

When All is Lost, Who Stands with YOU?

Yvonne’s Story 

thumbnail“I don’t think I belong here,” said Yvonne with tears in her eyes.    It was her first day at Christian HELP’s CFJI job training course.

“I feel very uncomfortable and want to leave.”

Yvonne had been unemployed for many years and felt unsure of herself and her ability to be of value to anyone.  Many times during the seven-day CFJI course, she wanted to quit. When the day arrived for the participants to practice their interview skills, Yvonne was more unsure of herself than ever before.

One of our trainers noticed her anxiety and decided right then and there to pray. Yvonne made the decision to push forward and to finish the class.  And boy, are we happy that she did!

The last day of the class Yvonne seemed like a new person. Even her family noticed a changed!  She then attended our CFEC Job Fair and used the skills she learned in class to network, something she never would have had the confidence to do before!

We are happy to announce Yvonne applied for a job at our Job Fair and was offered a position!

Won’t you JOIN US as we work to provide Central Floridians with Hope Encouragement Love and Prayer!  Visit us at HERE to find out more about Christian HELP and how you can partner with us!



Thirty-One Days of Giving

Do you love to shop? Imagine being able to shop and give back at the same time!


Gege is someone who knows Christian HELP well. She has been both a client and a supporter. In 2010, Gege lost her job and came to Christian HELP to receive help with her job search. Three years later her husband lost his job after seven years with the same company. Once again, they turned to Christian HELP.

Today, Gege is employed full-time at a bank and works as an Independent Thirty-One Consultant. Gege now wants to GIVE BACK!


For every item that you purchase through Thirty-One in the month of August, Christian HELP will receive 25% of the sale!



Do you love to shop? Imagine being able to shop and give back to Christian HELP at the same time! Whether you are looking for a new beach tote for yourself, new lunch boxes for the kids, or the perfect gift for that someone special in your life, Thirty-One is the place to shop.

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How Did You Spend Your Summer?


This blog entry was written by Nick, a Seminole County high school student doing a one-month internship at Christian HELP.

I work at Christian HELP as a high school intern.  I had two main goals in mind when applying for the internship; to learn what a full-time work schedule feels like, and to develop an understanding of professional communications and relations.

“But of course, God did this and immeasurably more than I could have imagined in this job.”

Christian HELP provides me with the ability to help reveal God’s purpose in the lives of others- a rather fulfilling job, to say the least.  In addition, I’ve had the blessing of seeing the clients and what they learn through the Central Florida Jobs Initiative program. Every one of them leaves the classes feeling far more equipped to find their purpose in the workplace.

“The staff has been a blessing as well, teaching me the importance of building relationships with others and depending on the Lord in the workplace without sacrificing a professional attitude.”

 As a student that tends to get very serious when work needs to be done, this is an invaluable lesson for me.  I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of such an amazing organization.




Go and do the same.jpg

People come to Christian HELP for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people simply need someone to sit down with them and encourage them in their job search, but more often than not, people are out of work and need help actually finding a job, as well as help putting food on the table.

When our clients visit us, we asked them to dress up like they are attending a job interview. We want them to know that we take this seriously and that they should too! Recently, a man came to our office dressed very professionally.  After working closely with one of our Care Managers, the man proceeded to the pantry to receive the food that would sustain him and his family through his job search.  Ron, one of our longest standing volunteers, did what he always does. He pushed the shopping cart around to all of the different refrigerators and started filling the bags with food.  Once the cart was full, he wheeled it out to the man and started packing it into his car.

The man was so shocked by the amount of food and the quality of service that he assumed there must be a price attached. Ron could see the worry on the man’s face and when the man asked how much he owed, Ron said, “It was free”. The man couldn’t believe that he not only received assistance finding a job, but he also received food for his family.  Ron told the man, “When your life gets better, remember how you were once in need and someone helped you.  Go and do the same!”

Our hope and prayer at Christian HELP is that the people who receive our services will do just that. Go and do the same.  Because of corporations like Duke Energy who generously donate to support our pantry, we are able to provide assistance to those in need and challenge them to go and do the same!


Go and Do the Same…