Meet Brittany | Program Recruitment Specialist ​


We are excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Brittany C., as our Program Recruitment Specialist. Brittany connects people with their passions through volunteer service in many areas at Christian HELP, and she shares the variety of services and programs Christian HELP has to offer with potential clients.

She has a range of experience in program/volunteer coordination and marketing. Brittany holds three Associates degrees and is working on a BA in Philanthropy/Non-Profit Management at Rollins. She is married and the mother of two sweet little boys. She is also a Veteran of the United States Navy.

Learn 3 more things about Brittany below:

1)      Who inspires you? 

I would have to say Paul is a huge inspiration to me and many other Christians. He is a true testament to the phrase “You are not your past”.  Against all odds he left behind his sinful nature and followed Jesus, ultimately laying down his life for his beliefs.

 2)    What’s the last book that you read? 

The Circle Maker

3)      What drew you to Christian HELP?

What drew me to Christian HELP was the Mission. They have a passion for helping others succeed, physically, financially and spiritually.


Want to talk to Brittany about volunteer needs or client programs? Call her at 407-834-4022, ext. 224 or





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